- What's This About?

There are lots of sites that talk about the Oregon Film, TV, and New-Media industry… there are official sites like the Governor’s Office of Film and Television, Industry support sites such as the Oregon Media Producers Association, and regional film consortiums such as FOA, MOPAN, and SOFAT.  This site is different.

We’re focused on the economic benefit that Oregon’s Film and TV Industry brings to the state.  In an era of unprecedented economic woes for the Beaver State, Oregon’s film industry is growing – hiring thousands of workers state-wide and pumping millions of much-needed dollars into our economy.

There are challenges ahead, both for our industry and for Oregon’s treasury.  As we move headlong into this new century, however, Oregon’s Film, Television, and New Media Industry is poised lead the state into a new “creative economy.”


Who’s Behind This Anyway? 

Harold Phillips is a professional actor living and working in the Portland-area who has seen the growth of Oregon’s film, television and new-media industry first-hand.  When he arrived in Portland from Anchorage, AK in the early 1990′s, Oregon’s film and TV industry was booming – several feature films were shot within the state each year, the prime-time series Nowhere Man and Under Suspicion were hiring hundreds of actors and crew members, and network “movies of the week” were regular occurences.

As the 90′s progressed, Harold saw Oregon – and the nation as a whole – suffer from a downturn in film and television production as the weakening Canadian Dollar – and strong film incentives offered by Toronto and British Columbia – lured producers outside US borders.  Local filmmakers continued to create new work, but jobs and funding were scarce in the industry.

This scarcity has turned around since Oregon enactment of the Oregon Production Incentive Fund.  With the OPIF, film and television dollars are pouring back into Oregon from outside the state – and they’re helping to fund the projects of local filmmakers as well!  Harold, and thousands of others in the state, are happy to benefit from this renewed growth in Oregon’s Film and Television industry – and he plans to help that growth continue will into the 21st Century.

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