Oregon-Produced “House Of Last Things” Receives Worldwide Distribution

Poster for the Oregon-Produced Film House Of Last Things

Poster for the Oregon-Produced Film House Of Last Things

On August 29 integrated entertainment company Double Dutch Media announced that it has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to the Oregon-Produced film House of Last Things.

Described as “a mind-bending thriller,” House of Last Things was shot in Portland and surrounding areas during the fall of 2010.  The film, which utilized the Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund (a division of the state’s film incentive program aimed at encouraging and supporting professionally-produced Oregon projects)  features RJ Mitte,  Lindsey Haun,  and Blake Berris as well as several Oregon actors.

As we’ve previously reported, House of Last Things employed 40 Oregonians in crew positions and hired 95% of its cast from the Portland area.  While the exact amount spent by the production in Oregon isn’t available, we do know that the production planned to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in Portland, on “everything from rental cars to catering, lighting expendable, props and furniture.”

When announcing the distribution, Double Dutch president Jason Möring told Screen Daily (subscription required)

“This is a film that grabs you and takes you through some exciting twists and turns… We are absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this to the domestic and international market. We’ve had one buyer describe it as a cross between Donnie Darko and Twin Peaks.” 

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