Shot-In-Portland “Grimm” Returns To NBC Monday Night And Hightlights Another Season Of Oregon Spending

Grimm Stars David giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell (Photo: Scott Creen/ NBC)
Grimm Stars David giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell (Photo: Scott Creen/ NBC)

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Monday August 13th marks the return of the popular shot-in-Portland series Grimm to NBC (the show has been moved from last season’s Friday time slot to a new Monday-at-10:00-PM spot.)  While the show’s fans are anxious to find out how the Nick, Juliet, Hank and Monroe will deal with last season’s “cliffhangers,” Oregonians are also looking forward to seeing the result of another season of jobs and spending in the Rose City.

While no figures are available as yet to indicate how much Grimm has spent in Portland while shooting its second season, we know that the supernatural crime drama has brought a massive economic boon to the city.  Figures from the Governor’s Office of Film and Television on the show’s first season show that Grimm brought around $50 million to Oregon in 2011 and the first part of 2012.  Over 550 “local hires” were put on Grimm’s payroll during in 2011 alone, and more than a thousand Oregon vendors were paid out of the show’s production accounts.  While those close to the show are reluctant to share too many details about its second season, indications are that Season 2 has an even bigger scope than its first season. We won’t be surprised to learn that Hazy Mills Productions and NBC may have spent even more in the state this season to produce bigger thrills and chills.

As our readers settle back on Monday night to see which Portland locations appear in Season 2′s debut, we hope they’ll remind those watching with them of the money and jobs for Oregon that the show represents!

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