Oregon-Produced Web Series “Legendary” Makes A Big Splash At Vidcon

A Still From The Pilot Episode of The Oregon-Produced Web Series Legendary: A Tale of Blood and SteelA Still From The Pilot Episode of The Oregon-Produced Web Series Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel

Oregon writer/ director Jay Lee’s upcoming fantasy web series Legendary: A Tale of Blood and Steel has been gaining a lot of attention.  The “new media” series, which recently shot its pilot episode in Oregon, showed off a trailer this past weekend at the online entertainment conference Vidcon in Anaheim, California.

“Vidcon is the world’s largest new media conference sponsored by heavies such as Youtube, Maker Studios, and Machinima,” Lee tells us.  “We made it down there and were received very well!”

Set in the mystical realm of Lavornia, Legendary tells the tale of a small band of warriors sent on a quest by the king of Ariminia to discover a way to stop the evil lord, Draxxus, from spreading everlasting darkness across the southern kingdoms of light.

Lee tells us that he has spent around $10,000.00 in Oregon to produce the series so far.  “There are over 40 crew members and over 30 cast members.  90% of them are Oregonians working within the Portland film industry,” he says. Lee notes that the production has spent much of that money on props,  catering,  and transportation while shooting the first chapter of the series.  He also says the production has established  a relationship with Mckay Creek Stables, run by Heidi Husley in the Hillsboro area.  The majority of the series will be shot on the stables’ property.  “Mckay Creek is home to the state’s four champion horses and supplies many schools with opportunity to learn to ride and compete at a national level,” Lee says. ” Their support has been amazing and they love having us film there!”

Legendary is completely shot in Oregon.  From the coast to locations used in the inner city all the way to the inside of the Gorge,” Lee continues.  “One of the things we are trying to pride ourselves on is using Oregon’s beautiful landscape to tell part of the story.  Oregon has locations that mimic a fantasy land much like what I have created within ‘Lavornia,’ the realm that Legendary takes place in.”

 Lee tells us that the series’ trailer was very well received at Vidcon.  “With us was Helenna Santos Levy, Leah Cevoli, and Stephanie Thorpe, all new additions to Legendary’s cast and all live in LA..  The trailer was screened in the IAWTV room every two hours and gained the attention of several notable individuals and studios.  One happened to be Epic Level Entertainment who recently produced the zombie web mega-hit Bite Me with Lionsgate.  It also drew the attention of actor Tom Green and Youtube mega-channel creators Digital Corridor.”

Production on the series first 12-episode season is slated to resume in September.

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