Leverage Gears Up To Begin Shooting Season 5 In Portland

The cast of the shot-in-Portland show Leverage at 2010's TNT/ TBS "Upfront" event (Photo: Seat42f.com)
The cast of the shot-in-Portland show Leverage at 2010′s TNT/ TBS “Upfront” event (Photo: Seat42f.com)

It’s not uncommon for Portland weather to be a bit… indecisive this time of year.  One moment the sun will be shining, the next rain may be falling.  While many Portlanders are starting to venture out without their jackets, the lowered temperatures are a reminder that winter is far from over.

One indicator that spring is just around the corner, though, is the news that Electric Entertainment is preparing to start production on the shot-in-Portland show Leverage.  The Governor’s Office of Film and Television posted a notice last week that the production company is seeking “qualified people for all crew positions” for the fifth season (a separate notice from the Oregon Media Production Association today notes “While the show is mostly staffed for the current season, they are interested in having additional resumes on hand as vacancies occur.”)

There’s no word on when casting will begin for the fifth season, but Portland-based casting director Lana Veenker mentioned on her Twitter feed this morning that she’s received the first script for the new season, penned by head writer and Executive Producer Jon Rogers.  “#Grifters are back!!” she exclaimed.

As we reported late last year, executive producer Dean Devlin has said the fifth season of the hit TNT show will not only be shot in Portland, but set in Portland as well.  We’ll be excited to see the Leverage crew explore the Rose City, and perhaps share a different side of Portland than the other two TV shows currently set here, Portlandia and Grimm.

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