Portland’s “TV Trinity” Reaches The Screen – For One Weekend


Portland's "TV Trinity" Shows Up On The Small Screen - For One Weekend (Photo: Robert S. Donovan)
Portland’s “TV Trinity” Shows Up On The Small Screen – For One Weekend (Photo: Robert S. Donovan)


If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that our feed is “blowing up” today with information about Portlandia, Grimm and LeverageThere’s a reason for that (beyond our habit of compulsively “re-tweeting” information about film and TV projects created here in Oregon) - for the first time all three shows will be airing during the same weekend.  

Over the past year we’ve been reporting on Portland’s historic “TV Trinity” - the first year in Oregon’s history to see three television shows produced simultaneously within the state.  The shows’ schedules, however, haven’t allowed Oregonians to see the result of all this production within the same week until now.  As the Oregon’s Governor’s Office of Film and Television’s OregonConfluence blog reported earlier today

Starting tonight on IFC “Portlandia” airs episode 2 of its second season…  Season 2 got off to a great start last week and the ratings were greatly improved from Season 1.

After you catch Portlandia at 7:00 (PST) on IFC, your next stop needs to be NBC with a new episdoe of “Grimm”.

You can take a break from watching television on Saturday but be sure to tune in to see part two of the season finale of “Leverage” Sunday night on TNT. (Read the entire article…)

While we’re sorry to see this moment of exposure for Portland last for such a brief time, we’re also exited to see such a concentration of the Rose City on the nation’s TV sets… and there’s a silver lining to the brevity of this moment – if this trend continues, a week may never go by that doesn’t feature at least one shot-in-Portland show on American television (especially now that Leverage has gone into syndication.)

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