Oregon-Produced Short Film “Company of Thieves” Premieres August 21

Oregon filmmaker Shilpa Sunthankar will premiere here latest short fim, The Company of Thieves, at Portland’s Hollywood Theater on August 21 at 7:00 PM.

Company of Thieves tells the story of a thief named Dex, who tries swindling his partner, Sanjeev, out of their spoils.  Things don’t go according to plan, however – Sanjeev finds out and leaves Dex for dead. Dex makes a deal with the Devil and goes on a long mission of vengeance to find Sanjeev, kill him and get his loot back.

The Company of Thieves Clip: Sc 1 & 2 from PushStart Productions on Vimeo.

Sunthankar says that Company of Thieves was produced for under $30,000.  “Roughly 75 people and vendors contributed to the film in some way or another,” she says, “We shot entirely in and around Portland – including Portland-proper, North Plains, Mountaindale, and the Clackamas area – over 4 days.”

Sunthankar also says that about 25% – 30% of the budget was used to rent equipment locally from vendors like Koerner Camera and Gearhead Grip & Electric; another 20% was used to pay her crew; around 25% went to other local purchases of props and supplies for hair, makeup and wardrobe and location fees.

“So, approximately 75% of our shooting budget went to local vendors and crew,” she says, “with the rest going to insurance, travel for main talent, and other things.  The other 30% of the total budget went to post-production over the next 15 months, which was entirely done by local subcontractors, including our editor, sound designer, compositor/visual effects artist, color correction, DVD duplication, and the premiere event at the Hollywood Theatre… and even an after party, t-shirts and posters.”

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