Portland’s “TV Trinity” Arrives – Portlandia In Production, Leverage Winds Down, And Grimm Starts Up

A Crew Films The Pilot Episode of NBC's New Show Grimm (Photo: Faith Cathcart/ The Oregonian)
A Crew Films The Pilot Episode of NBC’s New Show Grimm (Photo: Faith Cathcart/ The Oregonian)

As we (and the Governor’s Office of Film and Television) have said many times, 2011 is a record year for film and TV production in Oregon.  It’s also the first year in the state’s history that three television series will be shot simultaneously in Portland.

Today marks the beginning of that “Television Trinity,” as NBC’s new supernatural police show Grimm begins filming in the Portland area, joining the IFC show Portlandia (in the midst of its production) and TNT’s Leverage (currently filming its season finale.)

The flurry of television production is making itself known across the digital landscape – this morning, Portland-based casting service Extras Only posted their final call for Leverage extras on Craigslist and through other channels.  Later this morning, the official Grimm Twitter feed posted the following message:

1st day shooting #Grimm. David & Jim on location in an Oregon forest chasing down bears. U know what they say: bears will be bears #EPUpdate

(For those uninitiated into the world of Twitter, the # sign makes a word searchable – clicking on it within a Twitter page or Twitter-enabled program allows the user to see other tweets using that “hash-tag.”)

 Meanwhile, Portlanders have been spreading the word all day about Portlandia’s shooting at various locations throughout town – those who follow us on Twitter have probably already seen several of those posts.

Sadly, like this year’s summer in Portland this “trinity” is destined to be short-lived.  As the extras call we linked to above notes, Leverage will be shooting its finale through late August and will wrap production after that.  We’ve heard no definite end-date for production on Portlandia, but we expect it to come soon thereafter.  While it lasts, however, this moment in Oregon’s film and TV history is a wonderful thing to see.

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