Portlandia Season 2 Prepares For Production – and Seeks Portlandian Locations, Artists, and Extras

Portlandia stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen
Portlandia stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen

Portland’s historic production year is in full swing, with TNT’s hit show Leverage in the midst of shooting its fourth season, NBC’s Grimm in pre-production (and planning to make an appearance at San Diego’s ComicCon,)  and IFC’s Portlandia going into production in a matter of weeks.

While Portlandia may have a smaller budget than the other two television shows shooting in the Rose City (or it may not… we’re not privy to the show’s budget numbers,) the production’s impact on the local economy and job market is easy to see from a flurry of notices that have appeared in recent days:

We don’t have any idea how many extras, artists, and homes will be featured in Portlandia’s second season, but we do know that the first season employed over 200 Oregonians and utilized the services of 75 Portland-area vendors.

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7 Responses to Portlandia Season 2 Prepares For Production – and Seeks Portlandian Locations, Artists, and Extras

  1. David Withers says:

    That’s the wrong link for Portland shooting locations.

  2. Fun! Love the show, glad to see it back for a second run, so hilarious!

  3. Ben Lipsey says:

    Hi! We’re still looking for places to film, so send us photos of your home or business if you’d like to have it on the show.

    Email: portlandia@pdxfilms.com
    with your name phone number and address.
    Include a few photos of each room you’d be will to open up to our crew.


  4. Marina says:

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  5. Lulu says:

    The links to Simon Max Hill casting and “Portlandian extras” are wrong too. Or rather, maybe the links are right but he web pages are down.

    • This post post is from last year’s call for Extras – this year’s call is located here.

      That said, we did check the links; they’re correct, but it appears that Simon Max Hill Casting’s web site is down. We expect them their server to come back up shortly.

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