Oregon Film and TV Adds To The State's Tourism Industry

When people think about the film and TV industry here in Oregon, they generally think about major productions shooting in the state, or locally-produced film, multimedia and television projects.  These productions can continue to produce income for the state, though, long after cameras stop rolling and the films or TV shows have been released.  

Movies with a fan-following like Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me have a lasting impact on the state’s tourism industry – an impact the city of Brownsville expects to see this Saturday when it celebrates the film’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

As the city of Astoria saw last month during their twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of The Goonies’ release, film-based tourism can be big business.  While final numbers are still being tabulated, the Astoria Chamber of Commerce says that over 3,000 people flocked to the coastal town during the Goonies celebration – and local vendors saw record business during the month.

Brownsville is expecting a similar turnout for fans of Stand By Me, with events such as an amateur pie eating contest, live bands playing 50’s music, a photo display of pictures taken behind the scenes, and appearances by people connected with the film.

We’re excited to see just how big a turn-out the Stand By Me celebration brings to Brownsville – yet another economic benefit the film and TV industry brings to Oregon.

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