Shot-In-Oregon Feature “Little Blue Pill” To Hold World Premiere in Portland March 26

After shooting throughout the Portland area during the summer of 2009, the feature film Little Blue Pill will host its world premiere at the Rose City’s historic Hollywood Theater on Saturday March 26 at 9:00 PM.

The film’s story follows Stephen Cohen, an unlucky hipster, who mistakenly takes two tainted Erectile Dysfunction pills and has to go through a day of misadventures. 

Writer/ director Aaron Godfred and producer Dave Szamet both attended college in Oregon, and when the time came to shoot their “fast paced, whirlwind adventure jam packed with comedy and uncomfortable situations” they decided Portland would be the perfect location.

One significant reason the production decided to shoot in Portland, according to Godfred, was permitting costs and cooperation from the City and State film offices.  Approximately two thirds of Little Blue Pill’s $88,000 budget was spent in Oregon, including rental fees for locations such as the Pittock Mansion and Wapato Jail.  Godfred notes that on a “micro-budget” film as ambitious as this one they had to be creative with what they spent - “Many of our props were purchased at garage sales, and from Portland thrift and liquidation stores.” 

Tickets for next Saturday’s world premiere of Little Blue Pill are on sale now through the Hollywood Theater.  The film will be available on iTunes April 12th and you can pre-reserve it on
Netflix, so be sure to add it to your queue now!

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